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Perfect Figure Submissions
Your submission must, first and foremost, meet our very high threshold of taste. What we will most likely approve of:

An Eye-Poppingly Gorgeous Female Figure
A Photo Most Likely To Be Favorited
Gorgeous Zaftig Figures
Gorgeous Slim Figures
Gorgeous Small-Breasted Figures
Gorgeous large-Breasted Figures
A Gorgeous Face On A Gorgeous Figure
An Average Face On A Gorgeous Figure
Gorgeous Eyes
Stunning Legs - Clothed Or Otherwise
Nudity - But Not XXX
Amateur Submissions
Models (but Never Too “Glammy”)
Beautiful Vintage Figures
Beautiful Women Of All Legal Ages
All Uniquely Gorgeous Photos

What is strictly prohibited to submit:

Any Submissons That Break Any Laws
Bad Taste
Depictions Of Sex Acts
Silicone Breasts
Collagen Lips
Spaghetti Legs
Straight Figures
Bad Proportions
Average Faces On Average Bodies
Gorgeous Faces On Average Bodies
Anything Too Generic
Any Modern Models That Are Too “Glammy”
Blatant Copyright Violations